About MediCell

Pakistan's first all-in-one medical application which provides a centralized hub for itís users from the ease of their homes.

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Benefits Of App

  • When an order is placed for delivery or pick up, our system intelligently selects the best pharmacy for your order assuring availability.

  • Find out what other users are rating doctors in your area and make an informed decision.

  • All of our partners undergo a rigorous background check and are constantly vetted for quality assurance.

  • MediCell offers it's customers discounts throughout the application.

Our Services

MediCell aims to revolutionize Pakistan's medical industry. With our easy-to-use interface and centralized hub, users do not have to leave the comfort of their homes. MediCell gives users accessibility to the medical industry that has not been possible before.

  • Pharmacy

    Easily order health products. Get it delivered or schedule a pick up!

  • Pets

    Use our pet suite to cater to all your pet needs.

  • Blood Bank

    Give or Request blood near you.

  • Doctors

    Search our database to easily book appointments or request a housecall.

  • Ambulance

    Easily Request an ambulance (Non-Emergency).

  • Lab

    Schedule appointments for lab tests or request a housecall.

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Contact Us

Phone: +923444896555
Email: info@medi-cell.com
Location: Plot # 457 - 460 Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore, Pakistan